Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the take-away shows

my friend Mindy gave her her issue of Nylon Guys - because, as the subtitle says, "it's not for girls" :) anyhow, i encountered an interview with a gentleman named Vincent Moon. he's an upstart short film director - who focuses on shooting musicians playing in odd places (THE TAKE-AWAY SHOWS), and posting them to his site . his style is simple and elegant. 1 take, 1 camera - fly by the seat of your pants artistic creation. I encourage you to view episode number 41 : Arcade Fire. they perform one of their tracks in a freight elevator. take notice of the percussion being done on the elevator ceiling, and by simply the ripping pages from a magazine. splendid.

Moon truly is "reinventing the music video with his unconventional, confrontational short films"; to quote the article.

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