Sunday, March 30, 2008

what's in a name

many of you may not know why i go by "dj take 5" when i spin... the short version of the story is that the first piece of music i remember my father playing for me was Dave Brubeck's 'Take 5' from his legendary 'Time Out' album. so, when i found out that Mr. Brubeck was coming to Jazz at Lincoln Center to perform, along with Ramsey Lewis, i HAD to get tickets. it was tough - the concert had been sold out for weeks, but i called in a favor - and got one ticket. thank you, polly!

to my surprise, Brubeck came out first, along with his quartet, all of whom were seemingly in their 60s and 70s -- Brubeck being 87 years young. He spoke prior to the first song, and never again, but was engaging and funny when he did. he spoke of the trio that was performing in the atrium prior to the show (pictured) - young guys trying new things... hearkening back to when he was young and enjoyed trying something different. he mentioned that what helped jumpstart his career was making jazz more accessible - specifically when he did a Disney album, and created his own version of 'someday my prince will come'. he also mentioned that sales soared because Columbia put the album in their music club -- so "people got it in the mail, and if they didn't return it in 14 days, well -- they bought it".

Ok, on to the music - they began their set with "someday my prince...", followed it up with a beautifully crafted harmony-filled trance-like slow piece, then with what i could only describe as a hiphop influenced nob your head track. after a few other wonderfully constructed intricate-meter pieces (brubeck's signature), to the crowd's delight, they ended with TAKE 5!!!! - which included a spirited drum solo that was a fitting end to a wonderful hour of jazz. i must say the saxophonist in the quartet, who also played the flute for one piece, was absolutely stellar - and stole the show a bit. but, like myself, most in the audience were there to see one of the most renowned pianists in music - and mr. brubeck did not disappoint.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the new hulu hotness

so, lets say you forget to tivo something, or (my gripe with Time Warner's box) you can't select a show six days in advance and you're on the road for awhile... a savior has arrived. that savior is called HULU. peep it! watch almost live tv shows on your computer. oh, i heard about it on UNCRATE -- my fav gadget and 'newness' site. free plug for those cats.

shots from PR

just a few shots from my first trip to puerto rico. i did not have too much time to explore the island this time, but i will be going back -- no doubt!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

learn somethin' new everyday - beer pouring

Last night Patti and I enjoyed a coupla beers at BUA, a bar/ lounge that I was introduced to by my friend Trevor, the Irishman. Apparently, T.Madigan knows the owners and was their first customer ever when the spot opened 3 years ago. Anyhow, I ordered one of the my favorite beers, Hoegaarden - and was going to have the bar-keep use the same glass for the 2nd pouring (doing my part to save the environment) - but was told that the instructions say not to. A freshly washed glass is always needed.

Wait. There are instructions on how to pour the beer???? Yup.

On the back label (pictured above) it reads:
1) Use Hoegaarden hexagonal glass (line drawing of someone cleaning it with water)
2) Pour 2/3 into glass (drawing of glass being filled)
3) Swirl bottle (bottle in motion)
4) Pour rest to form head (pouring)


Note: no mention of adding a lemon to it, which many bars do -- as Patti might say - "no fruit in my beer!"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

the answer to "where you been, dawg?"

this map shows places i've traveled to in my 30.3 years on this planet. i'm headed to puerto rico, for the first time, this coming week. any suggestions on where to visit next?

Saturday, March 1, 2008


this collage will eventually be on my wall - not just mocked up on my bed. for a time now, i have wanted to change the art above my tv. it's been several months, but i've completed steps one through four:
- selecting photos
- buying frames
- placing photos in frames
- laying out the design the hanging must occur, but my sprained ankle is not conducive to climbing up a ladder right now - so i guess the wall will have to wait a bit longer for its update.

the photos included were all taken by yours truly, and detail some of my travels over the last few years. locations included are london, firenze, berlin, helsinki, tuscany, and of course some shots of NYC. points to anyone who can match the cities with the photos.