Monday, December 31, 2007

straight animal style

tonite i headed out to brooklyn to meet dan & afia for dinner. after some indecisiveness, it was agreed we go to a mediterranean tapas place on bergen called BEAST. bad name - great spot. we shared 5 plates : manchego cheese squares, scallops with pumpkin puree, chicken skewers w. cous cous, chorizo and skirt steak with citrus something or another... then we split a banana pistachio ice cream dessert - but the big money offering of the night was the toffee sticky pudding. ho-lee geez-uss - it was good!!! despite the chill and the rain, i good time was had by all.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the freakout

i saw this on someone's blog, maybe psfk - not sure, a few weeks ago - and now BK has begun airing TVCs driving people to the web to view it. it's a truly clever campaign to showcase how much of an icon their signature sandwich is - and what would happen if it went away. enjoy.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a dessert for all peoples

if ever i'd doubted that my sweet tooth was genetic, i put that doubt to rest yesterday at christmas dinner. after a lovely dinner of shrimp bisque to start -- beef tenderloin, yams, green beans, corn, russet potatoes and some other stuff i did not eat -- we finished with -- i swear to you -- 9 desserts. almost an individual dessert for each person there. (14 of us)

the run down:
-fruit cake
-dates, dried apricot, nut plate
-christmas cake (yellow cake dyed green and red)
-(4) types of cookies
-pound cake
-merenques (santa-hat shaped)
-a yule log
-german chocolate pie
-some kind of parfait

i came home with a plate of sweets, suffice it to say - and have been eating since i awoke this...yum afternoon. i weighed 175 lbs on Dec 15, let's see how i hold up.

Friday, December 21, 2007

the best email birthday card i got this year. :)

from my buddy Scotty Cohen -- sad, but true... and certainly humorous.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

my Xmas present to myself

straight up - AWESOME. this is, in my opinion, the best action 3-pack of the last decade (i'd call Indiana Jones #1, no?). It even comes with a fake Jason Bourne passport with a special 4th disc featuring tons of additional content. holler!!! the Bourne Ultimatum single dvd sold out at my nearest Best Buy and Circuit City stores in 1 hour they said - so I ordered this sucka online - not takin' any chances. if you have not seem them all -- don't fret I may just have a BOURNE trilogy gathering in 2008! i mean it even has the chic from "RUN LOLA RUN" - it really does not get any better than that.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

say "fromage" !!!

my buddies Howard, Jonathan (of local theory) and I went to dinner last night at Artisanal. it was a celebration, partly of my birthday, and partly of the success of our program surrounding Cannes which I blogged about earlier this year. we created a show of it and that show will air on MTV globally starting in the 20th of December. cool, huh?! anyhow, back to the dinner >>> "HOLY QUESO, Batman!!!" it is 12 hours after we gorged - and i'm still completely full. we started with a 100 cheese fondue - a different flavor in every bite. then like 5 appetizers -- including cheese puffs. then i had a main and the guys split a seafood course for two. we ended with an order of mac & cheese, a cheese plate, and coffee and profiteroles. soooo much food -- and all good. still full.

Monday, December 17, 2007

seriously smelly


i don't know why i found this funny - but i did. there must be some sticky and smelly peeps out there for Gillette to create this line of products. damn! is my favorite "new/ cool stuff" site. you gotta pop on there to read their review. it mentions my homey, scott van pelt, from sportscenter. also feel free to buy me something on there as a belated birthday gift. (but i don't need this one, as i'm not stinky -- at least i don't think i am...) :)

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

civility on the subway

only in New York... (BYOC - bring your own chair)
so i'm coming back from my friends' (par-lay and stimulus) party - got a coupla slices and proceeded to the 6 train at Astor Place... and after waiting for a few minutes, this woman came onto the platform with her own office swivel chair and a floor lamp. i had to ask her to take a photo! the funniest part of the experience though, was when she got on the train - sat down with her chair and lamp, and caught up on some reading. as people boarded people looked but no one said a word. i love this city!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


earlier this week i was in london for meetings, i took advantage of my time there on the weekend (must fly in early to avoid falling asleep in monday morning meetings due to horrible jet-lag) to do a little sightseeing. photos below. i also had a chance to attend a stellar party thrown by BBE. the dj line-up was outta control : osunlade (house), little louie vega (house), dj premier (hiphop), marley marl (hiphop), kon & amir from fat beats nyc (jazz), gilles peterson (jazzy soul).

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