Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a dessert for all peoples

if ever i'd doubted that my sweet tooth was genetic, i put that doubt to rest yesterday at christmas dinner. after a lovely dinner of shrimp bisque to start -- beef tenderloin, yams, green beans, corn, russet potatoes and some other stuff i did not eat -- we finished with -- i swear to you -- 9 desserts. almost an individual dessert for each person there. (14 of us)

the run down:
-fruit cake
-dates, dried apricot, nut plate
-christmas cake (yellow cake dyed green and red)
-(4) types of cookies
-pound cake
-merenques (santa-hat shaped)
-a yule log
-german chocolate pie
-some kind of parfait

i came home with a plate of sweets, suffice it to say - and have been eating since i awoke this...yum afternoon. i weighed 175 lbs on Dec 15, let's see how i hold up.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL. It looks like you can officially compete with dessert Pellegrino style. I still have my doubts as to whether you can top the bunny egg bread at Easter.