Tuesday, March 11, 2008

learn somethin' new everyday - beer pouring

Last night Patti and I enjoyed a coupla beers at BUA, a bar/ lounge that I was introduced to by my friend Trevor, the Irishman. Apparently, T.Madigan knows the owners and was their first customer ever when the spot opened 3 years ago. Anyhow, I ordered one of the my favorite beers, Hoegaarden - and was going to have the bar-keep use the same glass for the 2nd pouring (doing my part to save the environment) - but was told that the instructions say not to. A freshly washed glass is always needed.

Wait. There are instructions on how to pour the beer???? Yup.

On the back label (pictured above) it reads:
1) Use Hoegaarden hexagonal glass (line drawing of someone cleaning it with water)
2) Pour 2/3 into glass (drawing of glass being filled)
3) Swirl bottle (bottle in motion)
4) Pour rest to form head (pouring)


Note: no mention of adding a lemon to it, which many bars do -- as Patti might say - "no fruit in my beer!"

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