Wednesday, January 23, 2008

best 10 ever

my friends (Phil and Kelley) sent a note out to their friends this week -- requesting a top 10 list of hiphop songs ever. my response follows. i invite you to hit me up with your top 10 list.


a tough question, my friends. a tough one.
i would prefer an album discussion, as many singles have been released, but a classic album is -- well a whole different game. in this new world of single purchasing, lost is the art of constructing a beautiful album worth of songs that build and shape not only one chapter, but a full story.

thus, i will answer your question and my question, as a hybrid ::: my favorite 10 albums {{and best song(s) on each}}

ok - so - here goes: (click song link to play the video)

1) illmatic - nas {{ny state of mind}} -- 'rappers are monkey flippin with the funky rhythm i be kickin'!!!' BEST ALBUM EVER. no doubt.

2) step in the arena - gangstarr {{who's gonna take the weight}} - the beat is stupid - the lyrics, nasty. primo & guru at their best.

3/ 4) ready to die - notorious big {{unbelievable & juicy}} - i can listen to these over and over -- classics both of 'em, just like the man. biggie smalls is the illest!!!!

5) low end theory - tribe called quest {{check the rhime}} - this album and this song were what brought jazz influenced hiphop beats to the forefront

6) great adventures of slick rick - slick rick {{childrens story}} - the best storyteller ever - period.

7) paid in full - eric b & rakim - {{eric b is president}} (though 'move the crowd' has the sickest verse ever) - another pair of guys who simply rocked it every time. though 'eric b is pres' is the pinnacle.

8) mecca and the soul brother - pete rock & cl smooth {{T.R.O.Y.]} - utterly fantastic.

9) 3 feet high & rising - de la soul {{buddy remix}} - the best crew/ collabo song to date. hands down. 'plug 3 gets all the buddy!!'. de la made hiphop fun and nutty -- and intelligent, without being heavy handed. though stakes is high is classic as well - this was another game-changer. man - the early 90s were incredible!!!!

10) enta the stage - black moon {{who got the props}} - the production on this whole album is magnificent and with buckshot's gruff monotone flow. wow. "who got the props, who got the props - 5FT, Evil Dee & Buck shot!!"

-- if i had an 11th --- Common -- {{I used to love h.e.r.}} off of Resurrection. the official ode to hiphop music.

-- and a 12th -- Souls of Mischief -- {{'93 til infinity}} off of album of same name. my west coast all time favorite.

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