Sunday, January 6, 2008

my 100th post!!!!! >>> rum & friends

so, this is my 100th post on this blog. kinda cool, huh? it's exciting in this new age of technology to be able to share one's thoughts and ideas with your friends and colleagues - and the masses simultaneously. i hope you've enjoyed reading so far, and that you will continue to do so... and now, onto the latest edition.

last night my good friend darryl was in town from DC. he was in celebrating with some friends - one who's opening her own law practice (jane - pictured above) and one moving to LA to become an actor. now, let me briefly skip to the near-end of the night by telling you that as of today i am BOYCOTTING THE BRANDY LIBRARY. more on that in a moment.

i joined the crew at the bubble lounge in tribeca. i thought i'd been there before, but upon entry did not recognize the interior. here's the recap:
  • the 6 of us shared a beautiful bottle of champagne from 1982, that Curly Rob (moving to LA actor - pictured above) ordered.
  • one of the waitresses was absolutely stunning. (no picture of her though).
  • apparently alicia keys was in the venue just a few hours before we were, sitting in the same area. according to our waiter, she was nice.
  • the dj they had at the spot was not really mixing but played some stuff i liked but had never heard before, so I went over to talk to him. nice guy. been around the industry for many many years -- and, in a crazy coincidence, used to own filter 14, which he sold to my friend tommy frayne. i djed at filter 14 for the better part of 2 years, but it was closed down when the meat packing district got all gentrified. ;(

ok - so after bubble lounge, we went over to the brandy library - just a few blocks away. they accommodated all six of us by moving around some chairs, which was nice of them. Darryl and I perused the extensive menu and i offered the idea that we ordered some rum (one from his country of guyana - and one from haiti - pictured above). 80 and 86 proof, respectively. wow! we and the others, including curly rob, ordered another round of drinks filled with lovely liquor mixes we were unfamiliar with. then, it went down hill. we were talking, having a good time - recounting stories and experiences.. then the bar tender came over to us - rob - specifically and asked him to quiet down. i mean, we weren't yelling - we were seated - and nowhere near rambunctious. we were all a bit taken aback. we ordered a few nibbles, and then got another round. we were conscious to 'keep it down' and basically split into 3 groups of 2 to ensure our volume stayed a minimum. when rob went to order one last drink for he and his lady friend, he was told by the bartender that he would not serve him!!!!! are you f-in' joking me????? we were there for over 2 hours, he ordered 3 tiny drinks and food. w ordered the same amt of drinks, and he weighs 75lbs more than i, so he was not even close to being drunk, and a loooong way away from being obnoxious. rob was very composed - asked for the bill - and began putting his jacket on. i confronted the bartender. what i gleaned was this : the BRANDY LIBRARY is a turn their nose up, holier than thou place where you are not supposed to have a good time, only speak in hushed tones, and where the ownership makes excuses to get rid of unwanted guests, instead of being man enough to be upfront about their reasons.

i will no longer patronize their establishment, and hope you will not either.

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