Sunday, May 20, 2007

street fairing

summer in the city means street fairs. lots of them!!! i must admit, most offer the same junk - sunglasses, socks, t-shirts...etc. i still enjoy going to them - the people-watching is great. also, they usually feature some wonderfully unhealthy food product that i love. today, i got an arepa. apparently, they can be plain - or sweet. i like the sweet kind best. additionally, i bought some new sheets. they say they are 600 thread count - which is obviously a lie, but hey they were 20 bucks and feel nice. two weeks ago i did a load of laundry, and stained my light blue sheets - they now have a pink hue to them. not a good look. this is why i usually leave laundry to the experts, aka. the chinese laundry up the street, which delivers.

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