Wednesday, February 7, 2007

clean clothes > right to my door

i love new york city. you can literally get anything here. since i got a raise while working at GAP a few years ago - and calculated my spending, realizing that i could afford to send out my laundry, i haven't done so much as a load myself. the getting quarters, waiting for washers if others are using them -- stuff not drying all the way. who needs it?! so, when i moved to murray hill, i continued to bring my laundry to someone to clean. well, they changed ownership recently and service has been shoddy. missing my stuff, getting others people's clothes... etc. so i explored and found another place. -- NOW here is where the magic comes in...

they will deliver your laundry to your door when its done!!!! AMAZING!

this morning at 8am i brought my dirty clothes to them -- and like magic they arrived back at my apartment at 6:15pm tonight. joy!!! clean clothes right to your door - new york is a wonderful place.


Bill said...
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Bill said... are SUCH a New Yorker!