Sunday, June 22, 2008

yes, they cannes.

last year, i ran Nokia Nseries' sponsorship of the Cannes Lions Ad Festival - with the capable help of my friends at Local Theory. this year, nokia & local theory went back without me. once again, young creatives had 48 hours to make a spot for mtvswitch to spur the world's youth to help the planet. read more about what they did there (and see the winning clip) - here.

my favorite spots from this year's Young Lions competition :

Team Canada Final Film
catchy tune.

Team Germany Final Film
the ending line makes it.

Team Italy Final Film
nice find on the talent - and nice integration with the message.

Team USA Final Film
brilliant editing.

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Darren said...

I was at Cannes Lion 2008 covering the action during the Young Lions Film Competition. It was amazing to witness the creative process during those crazy 48 hours.

Two of the four videos you liked ended up winning awards. The team from the USA won Silver, and Italy won bronze. The gold-winning viral video was made by the team from Argentina.

The brief was to support MTV Switch and the viral pieces the teams produced (all shot on the Nokia N95) address eco friendly actions people can engage in.

Here's a recap video about Team Argentina (Gold Winners):

If you haven't had a chance to check out the story behind the competition, you can check out all of the videos here: