Sunday, June 1, 2008

jazzified in NYC

this year, for the first time in 4 years, my dad and i will not be going to the north sea jazz festival. :( they pushed the date back from prior years - and my dad and his wife had planned on being here, in the states, during the time frame when the festival will take place this year. as a result, i am trying to visit more jazz venues in the city - hoping to soak in what i'll miss...

tonite jamal and i saw terence blanchard and his quintet at the jazz standard. terence composed many of spike lee's scores - and is considered a 'young lion' -- the new guard bringing incredible straight-ahead jazz to the masses. it was my first time to the small venue a mere 10 blocks from my house - inexcusable, i know! terence was a delight and his band was stellar - stand out performances by all. pianist from cuba, bassist from philly, sax player from tucson (tucson, i know!!!) - and drummer from houston. a wonderful combo, who ended the night with an ode to shaft (he's a bad mutha - shut yo' mouth)... you could tell they were having a good ole time on stage - the best kind if performance - and a wonderful end to a saturday night.

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