Monday, February 4, 2008

the wing spot : superbowl edition

the wing spot
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i went to dan's place to watch the superbowl in brooklyn. upon arrival - he was headed out to pick up the wings/ tenders he ordered at the "wing wagon" on flatbush ave. ok - so, we walked into the freakin' chaos. probably 50 people waiting for their orders!!! people yelling out their names - numbers - time of order/ time they were told to pick up. some cat named Angel apparently ordered to pick up at 5pm. i know this b/c our friend screamed "ANGEL - 5 o'clock!!!!" every 5 minutes. granted, it was 6:10 and he still didn't have his food....

dan, who'd been told to come back at 5:30, missed the full first quarter of the game waiting to get his wings. (6:40pm) i'll be honest, i don't understand the draw to wings personally, but you gotta admire the dedication.

oh - and GO BIG BLUE!!!!
the Giants stood strong tonight.
congrats to Eli, Plaxico, Tyree and the crew.

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