Tuesday, February 12, 2008

are you DUJEOUS?

when i was a junior at PENN, i met a cat named Aaron. he and his boy Theo gained some prominence as skilled hiphop MCs. when i was a senior, they collaborated to bring an open mic night to campus.

after i left school, Aaron continued his foray into the hiphop world - and soon he and a bunch of his friends from high school formed a group called Dujeous. you can visit their website to learn about them in depth. but suffice it to say, they are a hiphop band that rivals any other i've seen - including the Roots. armed with 3 MCs - a drummer - guitarist - bassist - keyboard player - and a trumpeter, they rock the house everytime. the "duj" have quite a following abroad and just returned from an asia tour. this past saturday, i went to see them at Mercury Lounge here in NYC. awesome.

go check 'em out. they won't disappoint!

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