Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a week of PENN

this past week, i met up with several former PENN classmates.

-- I played basketball with my buddy SCOTT - Class of '98. He is in law school now, so it's always nice to catch him in between reading/ studying/ debating.

-- On the way to a meeting about a wedding i'm soon to dj, i ran into MIKE, Class of '98 on the street. He works for a small company you may have heard of called GOOGLE. ;) - and is married, lives in soho and is generally doing well.

-- DOUG(gie) FRESH. Class of 2000. he turned 29 a few days ago - and came in from Las Vegas, where he does real estate, to celebrate his and his father's birthday in the city. a bunch of us met up at CITRUS on the upper west side. Another fellow PENN alum, TINO, joined the party with his new fiancee.

-- CLAY, YURIEL, RICH, MIKE & KIM. Class(es) of '97, '98. my good friend Clay was in from Chicago, so a crew met up at OPUS 22 for drinks and various rabble-wrouzing activities. good to see those guys - it'd been a while.

-- I went to my friend, Ian's, BBQ - not your average cook-out in brooklyn, though. it was sponsored by Vitamin Water, Smirnoff and a magazine. It featured performances, and 5 djs.
Check out some pics ----> here. So, as I sipped my FOCUS flavor water, I spotted my old friend from university, AARON. Class of '95. He, along with some other friends of mine, was part of an underground group at PENN that i'll write more about later. anyhow, check out the site Aaron works on:: limachips.com.

-- My friend Darryl, Class of '98, was in town again. so we hung out - drank and caught up with Method Man who performed at the Rock the Bells concert. (shout out to a-sun and dj mathematics)

Anyhow, next year, is my 10 year reunion --- crazy how time flies.

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