Sunday, July 8, 2007

all the summer's a stage

central park summer stage
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today i went to central park's summer stage to see CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA & hear DJ SPINNA play some tunes. i was joined by my friends scott & oren. it's nice to go to these great NYC events in the summer - and there are so many that are FREE. oren and i were discussing how so many people enjoy heading out to the hamptons, fire island and the like.. but for us, the best time to be in the city is now. with some new yorkers headed out for the weekends and the heat keeping away a portion of the regular barage of tourists, it leaves the loveliness NYC has to offer to the those you truly love the big apple...even when it's steamy. for more info on summer events, click here.


A-Sun Truth said...

...I LOVE NYC in the summertime! I can't wait to get back to the city!

Ian said...

I agree 100% - summer in NY is the best time to be in the city (besides the heat). It's like a ghost town on the weekends - in the best way possible.

Darryl said...

No doubt. Though I'm not there, there's something fantastic about going to a bar in Soho in July & it be manageable to walk in & out of. The Bridge & Tunnel crowd hit the beach so there's none of that rifraf. Summer share free up alot of the space which yuppies fill in the city. It's so much better. Can't wait to be back in NYC at the end of the month.