Thursday, June 28, 2007

my tools

my friend henri posted to his blog last month his "tools of the trade" - the essentials he leaves home with. now that i work at a mobile phone company, i see how dependent many of us are on our device -- i thought it cool for henri to show what else he rolls out with. they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery --- to that end, i present jp's tools.

UNO : My Nokia N95 - with a 5mp camera, the ability to pop on the net at all times, and with over 100 songs to keep me groovin' -- it truly is not ONE thing - but MANY.

DOS : My thumb-ring from Tibet. Note, I've never been to Tibet - but you gotta love NYC, where you buy buy a super cool ring on the street, in this case, in front of one of my fav movie houses.

TRES : my brand new super fly talking "metal dork" watch by Nixon. the aforementioned henri totally put me on to this brand. some incredible watches. take a look for yourself.

***what are your "tools"??? post a comment or link to your blog, will ya?

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Hza said...

Yeppers. The Dork is bananas. So is the Dictator. Both are in my crosshairs - among a few. N95 is a wonderful com-pu-tah (no push ups for me) as well. Still don't know how they got so much inside of so little... Starting to get the feeling it was a mililtary device that was passed over ;)