Thursday, June 14, 2007

hot carolina!

last weekend i attended my good friend, jamal's wedding. it was in south carolina and man was it HOT! the day of, it was 97 degrees. no joke! charleston is supposedly a beautiful city. to be honest, i did not see much of it. it was simply too damn hot! the night prior jamal's family hosted a bbq on the property that their ancestor bought directly from his slave-owner. the south is full of heritage - good & bad. on a more upbeat note, the wedding was at a nice quaint church. a cute, quick ceremony. and the reception was held in a wonderfully restored rice mill building. a good time was had by all - and both jessica and jamal were beaming with joy. that's all you can ask for, really. well - that and below 90 degree temperatures.... :)


Patti said...

one word: linen

Darla Mack said...

Lol now you know how I live!! The Carolina's are hot!!! I can't tell you how many air conditioners I've gone through each year.

Rahsaan said...

You were sweating, but you looked good brother.