Sunday, April 29, 2007

tap & go > paypass

a few months ago my citibank mastercard sent me a new card - with a little surprise. it is called paypass -- a small keychain dongle that allows you to not carry your card, but still charge stuff. to help manufacture increased usage here in NYC; mastercard, citibank, the mta combined to enable this paypass to gain you entrance into the subway. a simple tap & go. no need for a metrocard. you can see how it works here : subway trial site. i love it because if the train is pulling in and i don't happen to have a metrocard, i can use it quickly and easily. and in addition to the subway, now paypass is enabled in a few other key retailers. it comes in handy when you leave the house without your wallet. for example, it has allowed me to grab a vitamin water at duane reade on the way home from the gym. ahhh - refreshing!

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