Saturday, April 21, 2007

bump - set - drink!

the new volleyball season is about to begin. last season was underwhelming. i joined BIG CITY as an individual player -- and ended up on a team of mostly people who were a level or two below my level of play. not that i'm a pro-beach player or anything.. but i at least have a grasp of the strategy, placement of players and can perform all the necessary functions of play. anyhow, this season, my one shining light on last season's team - allison, and i decided to construct our own team. so we went to the "pick-up" scene open gym night and grabbed 5 other players. two tall guys, a great all-around playing gal, another good all-around young guy, and a spry asian dude - who is 5' 5" but can jump out of the gym! after our ranking game on thursday, where BIG CITY determines our team's level, we went to a local bar and basically got trashed together! hysterical! a good bunch of folks - looking forward to playing some great volleyball this season.

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