Thursday, January 11, 2007


i'm in finland, as of 2 hours ago. the flight wasn't so bad, as i didnot have anyone sitting directly next to me so could stretch out and get some sleep... if you call 2.5 hours 'sleep'. i watched that football movie with mark wahlberg on the plane. not bad, actually. anyhow, back to the land of santa claus... its cold here but apparently was relatively warm until just a few days ago. all this crazy weather this winter -- they are saying it is NOT global warming, but rather the EL Nino shift. all i know is its weird. despite this phenomena not being global warming, i encourage you all to go out and see AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. very well done and informative film by Al Gore. if only he'd been our president instead of the joker we ended up with... the world might be a different place.

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Bill said...

looks (1/13/07) it was 61 degrees in globally warmed nj.