Friday, May 8, 2009


three weeks ago, i journeyed out to the new Yankee Stadium. as B and i got off the 4 train, i shuffled my way to the back staircase, as my dad and i always had used that sortie - assessing that it was the quickest. after taking 30 steps or so, it hit me -- the Yanks don't play in that stadium anymore. the new one is the other direction. it was a moment of confusion, but as shawn offered when i made my second trip last nite to the house that someone built, not unwarranted confusion. even inside, the stadium feels remarkably similar to the old one.

on this journey, i brought my trusty nikon. so, for those that have not been - welcome to the new era of Yanks bball..... stadium - awesome. on the field play this season so far, not so much.

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