Sunday, November 2, 2008

twenty-six point two

my pops ran the nyc marathon twice - both times when i was in grade school. i believe it was truly one of his biggest accomplishments (1st time his time was 3:56:09 -- the second time, slightly over 3:30). running 26.2 miles is an awesome task, no doubt about it.

today, two friends of mine were off to the races. Colin is straight up a gifted runner. he finished in 2 hours :53 minutes :44 seconds. ridiculous pace! only 550 finished ahead of him out of over 40 thousand. (his splits are listed below - in 5k increments until the 16th mile - then mile-by-mile). dooley has run several marathons, and i'm sure has many more in him. (pictured in the purple tank)

Gabe (the big guy in the grey cut-off sleeveless tee on the left) was running his 1st marathon ever! props to him for embarking on the torturous journey and finishing strong. gabe ran approx a 9 minute mile for the twenty-six... very impressive - as i run a 9 minute mile but must stop after my 3rd mile for fear of death. ha!

anyhow, CONGRATS guys! you are an inspiration - my dad told me after completing the NYC marathon, he felt all other obstacles could be tackled with relative ease. may you jump over your impending hurdles, as well as those yet unseen / unknown.

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