Thursday, September 18, 2008

HILARIOUS!!!!! a translated rap freestyle

I remember back when I was in college (wow - over 10 years ago) -- and email went around where university students were asked to take lyrics to a Biggie Smalls song and 'translate' them for those who didn't understand slang. the result: a wonderful soliloquy of proper english breaking down Chris Wallace's incredibly genius rhyming.

Consider this part deux! An erudite freestyle battle - GREAT STUFF!!!!

thanks to Dj Herbert for sending this over. Oh - and if you have never been to his weekly party FREEDOM at Canal Room, i require your attendance there before Halloween. I mean it. It's truly one of the best parties ever.

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Paul M said...

While the exchange was shocking I do believe that it adequately display the angst and violence permeating inner city life. I appreciate the translation. As a bilingual member of society I am frequently baffled by the "slang" used so creatively by "rap" artists.

Keep up this thankless work!