Friday, July 11, 2008

...on the road again.

this past week was reminiscent of my life while working at old navy. you see, i was a marketing manager concentrating on grass-roots efforts in the midwest of the US. at the time, i was living in san fran - which made for a whole lotta non-direct flights to towns like dayton ohio. i don't mind travel - as long as it runs relatively smoothly.

so... this week, the nba d-league took me to tulsa, ok -- and erie, pa. 6 flights total -- and 5 of them were delayed. the trip featured my running thru the cleveland airport to have the door being closed as a ran up to the gate (impromptu 3 hr lay over)... and a 5 hour mechanical delay in tulsa, from which i got an unexpected free night to see my aunt and uncle in detroit....
and WOW; i ate horribly. good thing i bought a 6-pack of protein bars, or else i'd have been sunk. ok - so back in the gym this weekend - will try to play some volleyball in central park - and try to get some sleep. nice to be back in the big apple. no doubt.

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