Sunday, May 18, 2008

eat mor chikin

this past weekend, i went back to philly for my reunion - more on that in the next entry. this one i want to dedicate to chick-fil-A. first thing i did when i pulled into philly on the bus was to go to the Gallery Mall to grab the chick-fil-A strips with waffle fries and polynesian sauce. darryl and raffy thought i was jokin' when i called and offered to bring them some after just having gotten off the greyhound, in the rain. but it is NO laughing matter. :) wow -- it was good. their advertisng, speaking of laughing, is pretty cute. it centers around cows urging us to eat chicken, not burgers. (outdoor ad pictured above - some guerilla mktg clips on youtube). if you live in the northeast, you may not have ever seen an ad though...

ya see, they don't really have locations in new york - or north of it. apparently there is one at an NYU dorm, but i'm not sure if you have to a student/ faculty to get to it... i'll explore it more and report back. so as a result i go whenever i can. i even convinced dan & afia to head to a chick-fil-A directly after jamal/ jess' wedding ceremony in south carolina last summer. i think i might have also opted to fly through atlanta once, in order to score more tasty treats. i'm addicted. anyhow, if you find yourself in any close proximity to a chick-fil-A, stop in. it's good eatin'! -- and PLEASE bring me some.

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Darryl said...

I'll try to remember to pick some up the next time I'm headed to the city.