Sunday, April 13, 2008

dumplin' good!!!

right before i left old navy for nokia in 2004, i discovered a lovely place on 23rd between 5th & 6th aves for grabbing a quick bite. rickshaw dumplings features wonderfully crafted sets of little goodies. for the non-purist dumpling eater, like myself, it's a wonderful twist on the traditional - as rickshaw features different dips and accompanying salads or soups to complete your dumpling experience. i prefer the chicken and thai basil, myself. but the shrimp and duck are awfully good too! so as to give you the public's view, as opposed to only my own, i offer you a link to YELP. if you don't know about Yelp, well, now you know. it's a 'regular peoples' zagat. you can log in - read and/or write reviews on eateries, cafes, lounges...etc. if you're in the flatiron district, and are looking to avoid the suburban blight that has supplanted itself (outback, olive garden...) in our fair city, try rickshaw - cheap and cheerful.

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