Sunday, August 5, 2007

my new favorite procrastination tactic

During a conversation with a group of friends a few weeks ago, i mentioned how you hear the most interesting stuff as you wander the streets of new york. for example - people are so cautious about giving their info over the net -- but walking down the street on their phone, it's like -- "oh - you need my number -- it's 212-555-4397, i live on...". anyhow, there is a site that chronicles the funny, the absurb and the straight up weird stuff people say in NYC. welcome to overheard-in-NY...where even the titles that the writers come up with for the posts are clever. the entry below made me laugh out loud!

Low Expectations Being the Key to Happiness

20-something girl #1: Oooh, I think I see the bus!
20-something girl #2: Yes!
20-something girl #1: Don't get too excited. I'm not sure I see it yet.
20-something girl #2: I won't. I mean, it's just a bus. It's not like it's Santa.

--6th & 8th, Park Slope

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